Teaching Psychotherapy Abroad – EU Students Exchange

The Academy for Integrative and Humanistic Psychology and Psychotherapy (Belgium) has taken the initiative of offering a platform to EU psychotherapy teaching and EU students exchange.

Please use this form to present yourself to teach psychotherapy abroad or to host EU students in your academy or training/formation center.

We will make an inventory/data base of all the received information and make it electronically available to all the academies and training/formation centers. This will enhance the EU exchange of information and the mobility of professionals, one of the major aims of EU’s policy.

Our goal: sharing theories and broadening skills to enhance the professional development of psychotherapy students.

As well, EU exchanges will contribute to the development of:

  • key competences frameworks
  • specific qualifications
  • a methodology to define learning outcomes
  • quality insurance
  • international qualification

Philippe Vrancken

Teaching Psychotherapy Abroad - EU Students Exchange