The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration XXXVIII Annual Conference – Lausanne Switzerland – April 21-24, 2022

Important Information about the SEPI 2022 Conference

As President of SEPI and Program Chair of the 38th Annual SEPI Conference, I am writing with an update. As the COVID-19 situation has evolved over the past two months with the spread of the omicron variant, I have been working closely with the SEPI Program Committee to decide the best format for a successful conference in 2022.
After considering the available options, we have decided on what we are calling a “partial hybrid” format. This means that we will have portions of the conference that are in person in Lausanne, Switzerland and portions that are done remotely on the C-Vent conference format (which was the format we used for the conference last year). It is framed as a partial hybrid because although it will include both remote and in person experiences, there will not be any systematic effort to try to make the in-person and remote elements interactive. That is, all the interactive aspects will be either in-person or remote.
The schedule of the conference is such that the in-person portion of the 2022 conference will be held in Lausanne from 8 am to 2 pm on Friday and Saturday. The time zone for Lausanne is GMT + 1. We are also planning for four in-person pre-conference workshops on Thursday. The in-person portion of the conference will be managed by the local program chair, Dr. Ueli Kramer. Most, if not all, of the presentations that will be given during this portion will be taped and placed online within a short time. All conference attendees will have access to these recordings.
The online portion will be a C-vent format like last year. It will be held from 9: 00 am to 3:00 pm Eastern Standard time on Friday and Saturday, which is six hours behind Lausanne (GMT – 5). Conference attendees in Lausanne will be able to log on to the online portion and participate. As Program Chair, I will be managing the online portion of the program.
We will be releasing more information as it becomes available but please view our website for the most current announcements. We welcome your participation in the conference either in person in Lausanne, or via the on-line system. Our conference fee structure is posted below. 
For questions, please contact me, the SEPI president and conference chair, Dr. Gregg Henriques at
Thank you for your patience as we work to try and make this the best conference possible given the circumstances.Sincerely,
Dr. Gregg HenriquesSEPI PresidentAnd the SEPI Program Committee
Online/Remote conference registration
$100/Members $160/Non-members $50/Student Members $80/Student Non-members
Pre-Conference Workshops $45/Members $60/Non-Members 
For those attending Lausanne in person
$200/Members $260/Non-members $75/Student Members $105/Student Non-members µ
Pre-Conference Workshops – $85 In person
Conference registration will open shortly. Visit our website at for current updates.
We hope to see you in Lausanne in April 2022!
Gregg Henriques, PhDSEPI 2022 President and Program Chair
SEPI Program CommitteeAlberta Pos, PhD, 2021 SEPI PresidentShigeru Iwakabe, PhD, 2020 SEPI President
Ueli Kramer, PhDSEPI 2022 Chair, Local Organizing Committee
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